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    colors jpg Anodizing Aluminum by Ron Newman Page updated on Nov 19th 2009 As a small business owner I have been designing manufacturing telescope parts for over 12 years as the owner of a small but global company in that field

    newbook jpg We are shipping the May 2007 Edition of the Anodizing Guide A Practical Guide to Anodizing Aluminum at Home New May 2007 Edition The guide has more detailed information on anodizing that is not covered on this web page The guide covers large and small current density anodizing methods from...

    foose1 jpg as hard as some anodizing shops would want you to think it is Anodizing can be done in a very basic home brew way with a little understanding of the process I hope you enjoy this page I also machine and anodize custom car parts in my spare time Here I am with my latest 07 custom Foose...

    skid jpg typical hardware and auto parts stores bare bones method Almost everything you need can be found locally except anodizing dyes and sealer which I sell small quantities of on this site Here are a few parts on my brother in laws project car that were done with this system The red pulley and...

    bluegun jpg Notice the red battery tie down clamp we anodized it red then engraved a logo into the red anodizing with our CNC machine We andodized some custom gun parts in blue with a nice matte finish This home brew process is type II class 1 anodizing and meets mil spec MIL A 8625F as amended 15 Sept 2003...

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    Steaming before boiling

    Bad Anodizing

    Steaming before boiling

    Bubbles in the acid around the cathode base


Make: Online : How-To: Anodize aluminum

by Sean Michael Ragan

Ron Newman's fantastic page on DIY room-temperature anodizing of aluminum parts was last revised in 2007, and looks like it may be significantly older than that. Ron's selling a how-to book, now, and a bunch of anodizing supplies, from the same page, but to me it looks like there's more than enough free info there already for a savvy person to figure it out for him- or herself.

Source: Make: Online : How-To: Anodize aluminum


www.RCSPARKS.com - This video I did because as I worked on my Axial XR10 it occurred to me that many folks have asked me how to do this. I figured ...

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Metal finishing guidebook-directory Metal finishing guidebook-directory

124 pages

Following BMG's endorsement, however, Anodize moved to Sony. The album was repackaged and re-released in November on DIY, with a Sony distribution deal. ...

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89: 96899m Developments in techniques for aluminum anodizing. Anon. (Engl.). Sheet Met. ... MacDougall, B.; Cohen, M. (Diy. Chem., Natl. Res. Counc. ...

Standard Directory of Advertising, July 1997, The Agency Red Book
1690 pages
Standard Directory of Advertising, July 1997, The Agency Red Book

... Chicago, IL; Auto Components Rhodes American - DIY Div.; Chicago, IL; ... Chicago, IL; Anodizing Equipment Staple Center Mfg.; Crystal Lake, IL; ...

Popular Science
160 pages
Popular Science

Exclusive anodizing for weather protection. Available from yourTV man, ... TALK By AL LEES DIY guides and catalogs Looking for stocking staffers for do- ...

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Anodizing Aluminum
Anodizing will protect the aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than natural ... Aluminum oxide is grown out of the surface during anodizing and then ...

Aluminum Anodizing at home - DIY aluminium Anodising
Anodizing Aluminium at home DIY Anodizing Information on home anodizing (or anodizing!) aluminium (or aluminum!) using simple methods and inexpensive dyes.

... anodizing colors, anodizing dyes, anodize colors, anodize dyes, anodizing sealants, ... products to hobbyists in the form of DIY anodizing kits and DIY aluminum chromate kits. ...

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