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by jason

Aluminum hydroxide is very hard, which provides scratch protection and is also porous which allows dyes to color it. Dying the metal is reason for a lot of commercial anodizing and is the main reason I am doing it. The basic process of anodizing... Battery acid, 5 gallons, from NAPA Auto Parts Lots of distilled water Several plastic buckets from Home Depot 1 pound tube of 1/16? aluminum tig welding rod from Central Welding Supply 40 amp battery charger from Harbor Freight Black RIT Dye from... An anodized surface does not conduct electricity well, so as the surface becomes more anodized the part conducts less electricity. I drilled a bunch of holes into the anode rack to use as hook hangers and bent the ends of the anode wires into hooks. 5 minutes later I turned it up to 10 amps and then 5 minutes later I turned it up to 40 amps. I’ve read that it’s best to start at low current and ramp it up. My charger has settings for 2 amps, 10 amps and 40 amps so I set it to 12 volts, 2 amps and let it run for 5 minutes. You have to make sure the wire is attached very well, and also keep in mind that wherever the wire is attached the metal will not anodize. Anodizing is a process that causes aluminum hydroxide to grow into and out of the surface of aluminum metal. Next I used the welding rod as simple aluminum wire and attached pieces about 6 inches long to each part I wanted to anodize. Next I used some aluminum scrap I had laying around to make a cathode and used some as a rack for the anodes to hang from. The other night I finally finished buying all the supplies I needed to try to anodize some aluminum parts. Hook up the negative from the battery charger to the cathode and the positive to the anode rack. At this point I let the anodizing bath run for about 80 more minutes. Most of the stuff that I am doing to anodize parts can blind or kill you. The part is then dyed and finally the pores are sealed to keep the dye in. This post describes how I did it. First, some safety. Voltage is passed through the circuit which causes the anodizing to take place. There’s a few ways to tell the anodizing has finished. I first washed them in warm water and hand soap and then in a dilute mixture of Simple Green and distilled water. I have read that anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes is good. If you add water to acid the water can boil and “explode”. 5 gallons of distilled water in a plastic bucket and slowly poured the 1. Lots of people use threaded holes and jam the wire in. I just made some little clips by bending the wire. 5 gallons of my battery acid and mixed it with 1. 5 gallons of acid in. Very slowly. 5 gallons of distilled water. Probably took me about 5 minutes. I just let it run for 90 minutes and called it good. Hang the parts. A few of these chemicals mixed will produce horrible gases that will kill you and your family and probably your dogs too. (I should probably note that I am running this batch as I type this post. Almost immediately there were bubbles forming around the cathode. You may also notice a slight lemon yellow tint to the part. Most of the experiences for this post come from a batch I did the other night with slightly different gear....


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