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    816AAAINGLESE jpg W H Walker Hall Sheffield 1916 hallmark Chester 1934 hallmark The business was established in Sheffield in 1845 by George Walker Becoming an assistant of Dr John Wright who had conducted important experiments on electroplating

    g epc jpg England in 1840 The brothers George Henry founded the silver electroplating industry that has spread to all parts of the world Common markings on electroplated silverware include E P C Electroplated Copper E P B M Electroplated Britannia Metal

    scan10004tc1 jpg That might be an Old Sheffield Plate mark used by Walker Knowles Company 55 57 Burgess Street Sheffield England Founded in 1836 Started electroplating in 1853 Regards Pat

Counterfeit watch – Auto Door Controller – china Angle Seat Valve

by wr

Nonetheless, some of the counterfeits have automatic movements, and Rolex has produced a few models with quartz movements, such as the OysterQuartz which produces the distinct quartz movement ticks. the latter for high-end replicas with portions fabricated from solid karat gold (although most gold Rolex fakes utilize gold electroplating). Hallmarks can be forged, and may induce a buyer to believe a piece is made of real gold when it may only be made of a plated in gold. Like many high-priced luxury brand-name watches such as Cartier and Bvlgari, Rolex watches are frequently counterfeited and illegally sold on city streets and the Internet. Trademark violations: Infringing on the rightfully owned Trademarks, Hallmarks, Symbols and any other distinctive signs of a reputed Swiss Watch Brand, with or without complete Trade-dress or Design Violation. Gold plated and gold caped watches are legitimately produced. Observed closely, one will see that even a true Rolex movement is not a perfectly smooth sweep, but is actually eight movements per second (or 28,800 per hour). However, a gold watch may not be solid gold and still be authentic. Rolex counterfeits are illegally manufactured replicas of Rolex watches. This is because many counterfeited watches use inexpensive crystal quartz movements which produces the start/stop once per second sweep. The fake Rolex trade, in fact, has become segmented and sophisticatedly marketed replete with glossy full-color brochures and catalogues of counterfeited wares produced in China and offered for sale to retail vendors throughout Asia. According to the Swiss Customs Service, counterfeit watches can be made in such a manner as to require special equipment to confirm near authenticity. A common myth states that a genuine watch can be discerned from a fake by the fluid movement of the sweep hand. Typical noted examples would include, “Swiss Made”, “Water Resistant”, “Shock Resistant”, false precious metal or any other “Noble metal” indications. The only mechanical watch to have a second hand that moves across the dial in a truly uninterrupted sweep, are the Bulova tuning fork movement and the Seiko Spring Drive. Golden colored counterfeits use a much thinner gold plate, which over time would begin to rub off.

Source: Counterfeit watch – Auto Door Controller – china Angle Seat Valve


I could do that with a lemon.

Can someone explain to me what this means..its to do with gold rings?

Aug 03, 2007 by So Confused | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

Some of the rings we sell are described as HGE, which means that they are Heavily Gold Electroplated. These items are not hallmarked. HGE items are layered with 50 layers of Gold and come with a lifetime warranty, in case of any defect.

no it is not gold, you take a file and scratch a bit and you can see the base metal!!! electroplating is very very cheap compared to the real thing, the electroplating tends to ware off with use even if they plated 50 times!!!
No decent jeweler


Electroplated tray Clarence Works?

Sep 20, 2008 by WHYDOYOUWANTTOKNOW | Posted in Sculpture

Large Tray, E.P Clarence Works Sheffield. Boardman and Glossop. 8 sided, pattern on it. Has two oval handles, 8 feet on base.some type of serving tray. and has the number 2782 with the hallmarks. its not in perfect condition but still great. Can anyone

It is not usual to have hallmarks on electroplated items. Look around for some group having a free evaluation day - if you live in Melbourne there is one as part of Seniors Week in early October. It sounds nice and is worth having valued.

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Electroplated wares, like Sheffield plate, were not regulated under the sterling hallmark system and though most pieces are stamped EPNS and bear a maker's ...

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