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Electroplating the iPhone

by Carl Hausman

A great amount of digital talent is being used to liberate the world’s poor, develop more productive processes for manufacturing and distribution, make education more widely available — and invent devices that can operate a mile below the ocean’s... They standardized the way we access it. They made it possible for a student trained in Beijing to fire up a laptop in Biloxi and get connected without further training. By last November, Apple’s App Store already had more than 100,000 different apps for sale — and customers already had bought and downloaded two billion of them. On that Wednesday in May, the growth reached a landmark: Wall Street valued Apple at $222 billion and Microsoft at only $219 billion. In the last few decades, we’ve actually seized the digital world and created that future, aided by armies of engineers and computer programmers. That day Apple outstripped Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company. Apple, known for its iPods, iPads, and iPhones, took the laptop, compressed it into a handheld device, and spent enormous sums to make it sexy to look at, simple to use, and stunningly flexible. Yet the only thing they apparently could think of to do with it was electroplate their jewelry. For the moral equivalent of electroplating our jewelry. While it’s an oversimplification to say that Microsoft is useful and Apple is fun, it’s worth noting that the public now seems to value gadgetry more than productivity. The largest rewards now will flow to those who spend their enormous talent creating more glitzy handhelds — and more apps. The Mesopotamians held in their hands the promise of world-changing future — and frittered it away making brighter baubles. Microsoft is the company that took computers out of enormous rooms and put them on your desk. I thought of that when, on May 26, the world quietly entered a new era. Lots has been written about Apple as the comeback kid, the Lazarus of cyberspace, pronounced dead a decade ago and only resurrected by a $150 million investment from (ironically) Microsoft. What makes this new era so unsettling is a change in vision. It invited inventors to create apps — those fascinating mini programs, or “applications,” that let you do everything from identify constellations in the sky to pop bubbles on your screen. It was a key player in revolutionizing the way the world handles information. Microsoft came as close as anyone to developing the universal tool. And now we’ve entered a new era. It’s seen as the poster child of inventiveness and market savvy — and as a monument to the leadership of its cofounder, Steve Jobs, who after being put out to pasture by his own board in 1985 came roaring back in 1996 to lead the company to... Even the heartiest app fan will tell you that while some are intriguing and a few are genuinely life changing, many others are downright tawdry if not merely frivolous. But if last month’s figures are accurate, we’ve turned a corner. In the mid-1930s, in a village near Baghdad, archeologists discovered a small terracotta jar dating from somewhere this side of 200 A. D. Inside was an iron post surrounded by a copper cylinder that, if filled with some acidic fluid (lemon juice,... How could Apple beat that. Now, it seems, we’re taking all that talent, know-how, and skill and using it — for what. They helped democratize information, so that a teen in a Brazilian favela could know the same things as her counterpart in a British university....



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